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Early Spring Walleyes In Rivers
Early Spring Walleyes In Rivers
By Bob Jensen
Posted March 31, 2015
Across the Midwest, walleye anglers are getting into boats and waders and are chasing walleyes. Jigging is perhaps the most popular way to catch walleyes this time of year. Jigs are popular because they're effective. Following are some ideas for using jigs to catch walleyes in rivers right now. Most rivers throughout the Midwest are currently low and clear. Minimal snowfall this year means minimal run-off. In many rivers the walleyes are holding in deeper holes. As soon as we get some rain and the waters dirties up a bit, the fish will really start moving. For now, there are a coup...
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Say Hello to Teddy Cat
Say Hello to Teddy Cat
By Ted Peck
Posted March 30, 2015
I have been a fan of blade baits since the early 1960's when walleyes below the Bellevue dam on Pool 13 slurped in Sonars on fishing trips with my Dad. We used to fish 'em on braided Dacron line-the granddad of today's superbraids. Monofilament was untested technology. Fluorocarbon wasn't even d... read more
Is Your Ride Rigged and Ready for Results?
Is Your Ride Rigged and Ready for Results?
By Dennis Foster
Posted March 17, 2015
The first trip of the season is most definitely not the best time to deal with all the little things that can and do go wrong in a boat. Common sense dictates that they can quickly become big things and will ruin a trip if you fail to address them. Foresight can not only salvage a trip for you, bu... read more
The Spring Panfish Bonanza
The Spring Panfish Bonanza
By Jerry Carlson
Posted March 12, 2015
Every spring, I look forward to the days when I can drop a boat into open water and fish the shallow water panfish bite. For me, this is an enjoyable time that frequently offers some of the best crappie and bluegill angling of the year. Most anglers understand that this early season rush to shall... read more
Bobbing for Crappies
Bobbing for Crappies
By Israel Dunn
Posted March 2, 2015
Now before you ask, no I'm not talking about a fun game you can play at your next club meeting. I am talking about a great strategy to help you land more of these delicious little fillets with fins. Fishing the late ice/early open water season for crappies can yield some serious table fare. Howev... read more
Take a Kid Fishing, Ice Fishing That Is
Take a Kid Fishing, Ice Fishing That Is
By Dave Duwe
Posted March 1, 2015
With the internet it has been almost impossible to get any kids to play outside or enjoy the outdoors. Most kids are always "plugged in" to their phones or computers. This is a big factor in the decline of the fishing industry as a whole. Given that fact I take every opportunity to introduce some... read more
Dropshot Panfish
Dropshot Panfish
By Ted Pilgrim
Posted February 23, 2015
The Best Rig You've Never Fished? Written in conjnction with Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Amazing that such a versatile rig- this prefect presenter of soft plastics and livebait- would be so little employed by panfish fans. In reality, a dropshot rig can be as productive as a bobber and bait, or even a ... read more
North Country Walleyes, 'Meat' The Precision Jig
North Country Walleyes, 'Meat' The Precision Jig
By JP Bushey
Posted February 18, 2015
In two-line situations throughout North-Central Ontario - and much of the continental Ice Belt for that matter -- not much beats a jig and minnow combination for scraping extra walleye off the spots you jig. Spoons, rattle baits and other lures bring fish under you, and a lively dace, chub or golden... read more

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March 15, 2015
Recreational fishing industry is asking anglers to properly dispose of soft plastic baits Alexandria, VA – Americans are more conscious than ever about properly disposing of, or recycling plasti... Read more...
March 12, 2015
Made For Moments on the Move Plano, IL – It’s been a long drive to your fishing destination in the middle of Nowheresville. Dirt roads narrowing to trails, hills, dales and humps and bumps all ... Read more...
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Carp caught by Myron Davidson

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